There is something so magical about love. True love does not base affection on silly things like material things or physical appearances. Age is also just a number, for people who fall hard in love with one another. Celebrities are all humans too, as far as we know, so even they fall in love time and again. It is certainly nice to see that even the most famous faces find love in a strange place or in this case, at a strange age. You would not believe some of the Hollywood couples that have such a huge number of years apart in their age. If you think about it, they really are an inspiration to unconventional relationships where their love is not defined by the difference that is there in their age. Here are some of the most adorable celebrity couples that prove that age is indeed just a number and that love is all about devotion, communication, and sparks.

 Even since they tied the know in 2014, these two have become such a wonderful sight to see as a blissfully married couple. Little did both know that their fateful meeting one day at a charity event would lead them to marry each other after just a year. George Clooney is actually way older than Amal. The two share an age gap of 17 years but does not seem to cause any issue in their relationship because of their devotion to one another. Their wedding took place in the beautiful city of Venice in Italy back in 2014. George was a rather old groom who got married to Amal, 36, at 53 years of age. The two of them now reside in a luxurious £10 million ($13,496,000) home they bought in England.