The Guy In A Hat

The store owner went to the washroom to inquire about the driver who left his car at the fuel station. The washroom door wasn’t closed. He went inside and asked if anybody was there. To his surprise, nobody answered back. There was no one inside. The washroom was empty. The owner was very confused. Where did the driver go?

Back To The Store

When he couldn’t find the driver of the abandoned car he moved back to the shop to see if the driver was there inside the store. He thought that the guy might be in the shop buying some stuff for himself. People visit the shop every day and night to pick some essentials for the rest of the trip. But then, the driver wasn’t even in the store. The store owner was worried now. What was going on?

Checking The Recordings

The owner went back to the counter where his CCTV live feed television was placed. He rewinds the feed to the point where the car entered the fuel station. He wanted to see where the driver went when he was busy with other customers. To his surprise, the feed only showed the guy with a hat fueling his tank and after that, there was no sign of that person. He just vanished into thin air just like that. The owner was now really scared. So, he did what he felt right at that moment.

Securing The Premises

The owner thought that he should lock the doors of the store before something happens to him and the store. He had no idea where the guy was and what was his plan. Vanishing into thin air was something that could worry anybody. So, he locked both the front and back doors of the shop. Fortunately, there were no customers inside the shop, otherwise, he would have to explain the situation to them too. What next?

So, What Next Now?

After locking every door of the shop, the owner called up the police. He could see that the car was still parked at the station and the owner of the car was nowhere to be seen. He was still hoping that the guy would show up and would tell him the reason for his absence. He didn’t want to involve the police as he was afraid of what would happen if the police arrived.


Before he called up the police he waited for the owner of the car to show up. He wanted the night to end, but little did he know it was just a beginning. His night was about to take a very sharp turn that would change his life forever. With a phone in his hand, he kept checking the front door and the live feed from the outside where the white sedan was parked.