The largest branch of Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Army is the dream for many individuals who want to join it and serve their country. Saving the geographical boundaries and the citizens of the country are the main responsibilities of the Indian Army. And since the Indian Army is the largest branch of armed forces in India, the opportunities for a career in the Indian Army are highly available. The only condition is that you need to prove yourself to be a part of the Indian army.

“Mother India Awaits”

You can join the Indian Army in any of the following departments or branches according to your skills and qualifications:


The artillery protects the sensitive locations like dams, ports, etc. from any kind of attacks with weapons such as anti-aircraft guns. On the waterfront, on the other hand, the artillery uses weapons like long-range field guns.


The infantry fights the enemies on foot with big weapons like machine guns and mines. Intensive training is required to be undertaken for being a part of the infantry.


Destroying enemy bases, defusing explosives, and making sure that the forces can advance rapidly all comes under the responsibilities of engineers. If you are good with electronics & communication, computers, machines and constructions (Civil Engineering), you can serve your country immensely. You can assist the Indian army at great length. 

Army Service Corps

They are responsible for the movement of troops, ammunition, etc. 

Apart from these branches, you can also join the army as:

  • Dental Officers
  • Nursing Officers
  • Education Corps
  • Postal Services
  • Military Police
  • Veterinary Corps
  • Ordnance Corps
  • Army Medical Corps
  • Electrical as well as mechanical engineers
  • Armoured Corps

You can choose your field depending on your interests. The Indian Army awaits you. Your country awaits you!