When animals sense any form of human contact, they immediately become very defensive or run for cover. If you have ever wondered how these wild animals behave in the privacy of their own territories, we can help you clear some of your curiosities. Here are some photos of animals taken from a hidden camera that is bound to make you laugh. Some are very private photos that we agree, invade a little too much of the animal’s personal space.

Sunny Day Tongue-y Day

This cute deer was quite intrigued by the camera. The deer thought that this camera was actually a snack misjudging it. Someone needs to tell the deer that cameras are not digestible!!


It’s Not Grass?

In a place full of grass, this deer decided that the camera looked the most appetizing. It needs to be told that cameras are not for food. We recommend the grass any day as it would be way more nutritious for this naive little deer.

animal- tongue

Very Slick Moves Bro

This deer here is showing off his dance moves, probably bragging about anything in front of his does. All of the other deer went away and did not even finish viewing his performance. Better luck next time bruh! Until then, you can keep practicing.

animals- deers

Gossip Girls?

These two rodents look like they have set up an emergency meeting to talk about their lives and domestic troubles they are facing. If only we could comprehend the conversations they may be having. But then again, they may just be talking gibberish, so it’s all good.

animals- rodent

Well This Is New

When this bird noticed this hidden camera, he did not seem at all impressed. In fact, he looked as though the new addition in his territory was somewhat invasive. What would have been his guess? It would be really puzzling to see such a foreign object in your area, so we do not blame him one bit.

animals- bird