When animals sense any form of human contact, they immediately become very defensive or run for cover. If you have ever wondered how these wild animals behave in the privacy of their own territories, we can help you clear some of your curiosities. Here are some photos of animals taken from a hidden camera that is bound to make you laugh. Some are very private photos that we agree, invade a little too much of the animal’s personal space.

Sunny Day Tongue-y Day


This cute deer was quite intrigued by the camera. The deer thought that this camera was actually a snack misjudging it. Someone needs to tell the deer that cameras are not digestible!!

You Want To Mess With Me?


This reindeer was clearly going through a rough patch and needed to blow off some steam. When it spotted another animal staring, it infuriated the reindeer causing it to attack. It would not make sense to try and fight a statue but we will not inform the reindeer of this.

Let’s Roar


This lion has a breeding partner or is getting wooed by the other lion. Is it a gesture for us to all look away and let them do what they do? We’ll check back in a couple of months if they indeed decided to make cute cubs.

The ‘Bear’ Necessities In Life


Remember Baloo from The Jungle Book? His lookalike is waiting for honey to come down from the beehive. The sad reality is that the bear does not realize that this is not a beehive and no honey is inside. This bear does not care and is absolutely determined to get honey out of it even if it may not be a beehive.

Something’s Fishy animals-snack

This picture shows an otter suspiciously munching on a fish. He is enjoying his midnight snack looking very adorable while doing it. Hopefully, he gets to taste other fishes too because it seems as though he is not enjoying this fish too much.

Here I Come!


The food chain can be explained from this picture. Sometimes the small predators feed on larger animals so it is not always bigger animals that attack the small. Do you think the deer escaped or responded with an attack too?