In today’s day and age, one has everything he could possibly need available at his doorstep. Even though we are living the most luxurious life than any of our ancestors throughout the history, we still complain about it. The smallest of things like the restaurant taking half an hour to deliver food gets us irritated and angry. We as a species have become so accustomed to the privileges, that we have grown to feel like we are entitled to them.

One Unique Man

So, let’s us present you this man, whose life story can potentially change your entire point of view at life. A man who has left all the comforts of a city to live a wholesome life on a deserted island.

Zach’s Life Story

Zack is a 27 years old man who was born and raised in the land of the rising sun (Japan). But upon coming of age, this young man moved to the Marble island about six years ago, in search of a more peaceful life. The hustle & bustle of the urban life wasn’t something Zack admired throughout his time growing up, so he adopted Marble island as his humble abode.

The Secluded Marble Island

Marble island is one of the few places on the face of the earth that can be truly considered remote. It is located in the far reaches of south-west Alaska. The nearest town present to this place is called Ketchiken, but don’t be fooled by the word “nearest” this town is in fact 2 hours flight away from the Marble island. There are no roads or telephone on this island. Even basic human necessities are hard to come by at this place.

The History Of Marble Island

This glorious island was once the home of the Vermont Marble company, but that was more than a century ago. This company ran a digging operation here, they would mine for marble, which is indeed present in abundance on this island, hence the name. If you’d look, you will still find the remnants of this company’s establishment on this island. But sadly it had long been abandoned and is nothing more than a desolated place with crumbling machinery everywhere.

Peace Amidst Solitude

But it was this Deserted land where Zack finally felt like he belonged. Once on this island, he had finally found the comforts that his soul had been searching all his life. Situated amidst the cold and unforgiving ocean, this place has no sigh of humans till miles. It was once on this land that Zack was finally at peace.

The Discovery Of Zach’s Life

While Zack wanted to be away and forgotten by the world, it was very recently that his story finally came to light in front of the entire world. A photographer and adventurer who goes by the name of Anze Osterman took a sojourn into the wilderness of Marble Island. This is where he first met Zack and where he would spend the next 7 marvelous weeks of his life.