While many of us assume that buy anything from an auction is simply a gamble and one where the odds are stacked against us, while in some cases that maybe true, there are several other instances where you will find that people have indeed stumbled upon a fortune, and all it took was a keen eye and a lot of curiosity. One such amazing instance took place with Phil LeClerc When he decided to get a table. This $40 table was going to turn his whole life around.

This $40 table was going to change his life!

Auctions are one of the simplest form of gambling. Either one can hit a jackpot or end up with a ton of useless junk.  When most of the people purchase old furniture, it is usually for their priceless history or ornamental value. For Phil LeClerc, he probably wasn’t aware of any of this. When he spent $40 on this article he assumed that his previous owner was no longer in need of this, but little did he knew at that point that this purchase was going to change his entire life.