Smith has a teenage son and a young daughter and she has been raising both of them on her own. The only source of income has been the job of the school driver that Smith does. Their life revolves from paycheck to paycheck without anything left for savings or wishes to fulfill. It was a bare minimum kind of situation above which a tragedy was to follow. 

Evening Of September

While Smith reached the college park area of Maryland one evening to drop off the kids around 5 pm, she noticed something very weird on the dashboard of her bus. She was on her way, dropping off students for the day when she sensed trouble.

A Warning Sign

There was a warning sign on the dashboard which Smith could not understand. She thought that she would be able to reach the next drop off which was hardly a block or two away and then she could check what the problem was. But it was already too late for anything to be done. 

The Kids

There were twenty kids in the bus, all aged between 4 to 9 years and all of them could sense that something was wrong. The bus, on the other hand, could not even reach the next drop off and it stopped just in front of the stop signboard in the middle of the road. 

Something Scary

Renita knew that something was majorly wrong and she decided to inform the transportation manager at once. She picked up the radio receiver and as she was about to speak into it when she saw something in the rear-view mirror of the bus that scared her so much that she was unable to speak even a single word out from her mouth. 

The Trouble

Smith told Today, “When I picked up the radio and I looked through my side rear-view mirror, I saw the smoke”. It was after this that Renita’s mind stopped working altogether. It was a dreadful and serious situation and the responsibility of 20 students was on her and she was unable to make out as to what was even wrong.