Some students learn the biggest lessons of life at an early age. Things don’t come easily to every student. Some of the little ones face a rough start and never gets the opportunities of living with parents, education, and more. No one can deny the fact that school days are the most important part of building an individual’s personality.

Cindy’s story is a real-life example of it. Since childhood, her life was a struggle. She didn’t choose it for herself, sadly, she was never even old enough to understand what was going on with her.

Poor Baby

Cindy was very young when her mother left her at an orphanage. The girl learned the reality of the cruel world quite quickly. At the age when kids go for kindergarten, Cindy was moved from one foster care to other and then to another. A poor girl wishes to get adopted by loving and caring parents never came true. And soon she learned her first lesson…

Not Cute Enough?

The truth of life stood face to face with Cindy when she realized that people prefer to adopt cuter kids over her. She was understanding what being neglected feels like. Every time a couple looked at her and adopted someone else, it broke Cindy’s heart. She was too small to actually understand the way our society works. As if all that she was going through in her life wasn’t enough that there was more to her story…

Tough Upbringing

By the age of 12, Cindy was transferred from different foster homes from time to time. What you won’t believe was the fact that she was shifted for more than eight times to different foster schools. The first time she was moved she felt bad as she has to leave her friends. This affected the girl badly…

Cold-Hearted Girl

Soon enough Cindy became so cold-hearted that things like separation stopped affecting her. She wasn’t expecting anything out of life. Just like other orphans she too had questions about her past but no one was there to answer her questions. Why did her mother leave her at the orphanage? What was her fault? Was there anyone in the whole world who’ll look after her?

On Silent Mode

Cindy always wished for a home with parents who’ll treat her like she means everything to them. A backyard, a daily school, lots of toys and delicious food. Unlike other boys and girls at the foster home, Cindy stopped playing with them. The bubbly talkative girl turned to a silent mystery in the corner of the room. At this point in time, her ninth shifting was planned. The twelve-years-old was now quite used to all this “moving to a new foster care thing”. But this time she wasn’t going to foster care. The unusual thing was that there was no couple who opt her to be adopted! Then where were they taking her?