It is called “the big day” for a valid reason, two people taking vows to live together for as long as they’ll live. A marriage in easy terms can be explained as teaming up to build a world a little different than the previous one. All these things sound magical but when in some cases the good times get over and the vows start to fade away, a marriage that once seemed a fascinating step to take becomes a burden. In the worst case scenario, happy married life starts choking the people who got into it together.

If you are planning on your big day soon, this story might make you rethink your whole decision. This is the story of Casey* and Alex*(*Names Changed) and their big day that didn’t end so well.

Preparing For The Big Day

Casey and Alex made a pact that they’ll not be seeing each other for a couple of days before their wedding day. They were yet to catch up on the preparations when there was just a day left. They were not up for a grand lavishing wedding but a systematic one. Casey, in particular, couldn’t handle even the slightest of changes in their wedding and hence she was supervising everything, be it decoration, or be it drinks.

The young woman who couldn’t imagine even slightest of glitches on her wedding day, was actually going to be the reason to get everything off the track.



Casey was feeling at the top of the world on the morning of her wedding day. After all, the countdown had just started. Just when the bride-to-be thought that nobody can take this day away from her, things were twisted into her worst nightmare. The significant day she has been waiting for, was soon to become the most humiliating day of her life. Wondering how?

Pre-Wedding Catch-Up

Casey was in a beautiful hotel room with her closest of friends. The hotel was located nearest to the wedding location. With all Casey’s friends giving her tips and sharing their experiences with her, the bride to be was enjoying this attention she was getting in that moment. She was all settled with her honeymoon destination and other post-wedding plans. This was when it hit her…

Never Single Again

When one of her friends tried to tease her about the factors that will be changing once she gets married suddenly hit her mind. Her friends didn’t even notice the minor change of her expressions and the major storm that started in her heart. She knew it was huge and what marriage means but now that the wedding bells were ringing for her, she was scared of taking the next step ahead. Was she not going to marry Alex just because of her fear?

Cold Feet

She was confused and all of a sudden the idea of living the rest of her life with a person started to freak her out. When she walked out of the room all alone, her friends understood she was having cold feet. To bring her back to reality, her best friend followed her. But it was just the start of a chain of strange events that were only going to get worse with time.

Words Of Wisdom

Casey’s best friend who was already married for past one year tried to make her understand the most common perspective. How hard it is to finally meet someone who loves you enough to get down on one knee for you. She explained to Casey that they are blessed enough to find love and not everyone is. And Casey, on the other hand, was coming up with her fear of, what if it didn’t work out? What if its too soon? What if Alex isn’t the one for her? Seeing the situation get out of hands Casey’s best friend came up with an idea.