Becoming A Family

The two women started spending a little time together, with the intention of burying the hatchet. In the beginning, they were bonding solely for the purpose of Landon. But things slowly started changing as the pair soon found out that they had a lot more in common than they both realized. “We bonded on so many more levels than just Landon,” said Casey  later in an interview when asked about their bond.

Bonding Tighter

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The two of them became good friends quickly as they shared so many common interests and outlook. Even they were surprised themselves to see that they were alike in so many aspects. So soon, Casey lost her resentment towards Katie. She soon met the man she went on to marry named Tyler. The time was coming for Jeremy to pop the question too as the couple got more serious.

A Huge Step

Since the couple had been romantically linked for over a year now, it came time for the two to make it official. When Jeremy asked for her hand in marriage, Katie replied with a yes immediately, having no hesitation at all. She had been dreaming of this for a long time and it was finally happening to her. Even though she felt happy, there was a rush of anxiety and self-consciousness that would take over Katie soon.

A Stepmother

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Katie was glad to be getting married to Jeremy. However, that automatically meant that she would become a stepmother. This was something she had been worried about for a long time now. She was fearful that she might not get it right. It was clear that this was a huge role that she was not entirely sure she could handle. It also meant that Katie would now have a relationship with two people too, whether she liked it or not.


It was inevitable for Katie to be in the lives of both Casey and the baby boy. Since she was getting married to Jeremy,  she would be Jeremy’s wife, a stepmother to Landon. And also, Katie would be a co-parent along with Jeremy, Casey, and Tyler. Even if she did not want this, it was something she would have to deal with still. It was the role as a parent that was the most frightening for Katie.

Katie’s Plan

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Katie was nervous because she did not want to be a negative impact on the boy. She was still unsure whether she would be able to handle the disagreements and tension that co-parenting entails. She did not have a kid herself, so she was not confident if she was capable or not. She was trying to mold herself to be able to do this and soon an idea came to her that she thought could possibly make it easier.