The Airport

Yew and Chan double checked their lists and were making last-minute notes of the things they were yet to pack. After hours of packing, they were ready to leave for Sultan Azlan Shah Airport that serves Ipoh which is a city in the state of Perak, Malaysia. While they packed their bags, they didn’t realize that the misfortune had also packed its bags to come along with them.  It was a usual day but that the couple was going for their dream vacation the day appeared to be special to them. Yew’s elder sister was also joining them on this trip. The airport was full of chaos, there was hustle-bustle all around, people were checking at the security check, immigration counters had its own queue.

The Unexpected

Yew and Chan along with Jio, were waiting in the common area for the boarding gates for their flight to Singapore to open. Just then, the unexpected happened. The police officers that Yew saw initially were walking right towards Chan and her. She was scared and held Chan’s arm tight. The very next happening left her startled.

What’s In There

The officers did not even give Yew and Chan a second to think. They immediately took Chan to a corner and began questioning him. Due to security reasons they did not let Yew accompany Chan while he was being investigated. The only question the officers had for him was, “What are you carrying along in this bag?”Chan was claimed to have been carrying prohibited substance in his bag.

The Pilot

Yew was literally crying for an hour or so, and such music in the background became irritating for her. She looked back to see where the sounds were coming from, and what she saw next puzzled her. From the same room, where Chan was being taken, a man who seemed to be a pilot was walking towards her. And when Yew had a closer look at him, she lost her mind.

Huge Surprise

Not only Yew but everyone at the airport had their eyes in one direction. In the direction where the pilot was stepping in from. Yew had no idea that a huge surprise was waiting for her. The pilot was no other than Chan himself. Yes, it was a plan to give this news in an exciting and unique way.