A man is a true Patriot if his heart beats for his country. The feeling of patriotism in itself is enough to give you to a gooseflesh. The emotion comes from within and the charisma that standing by your nation one experiences is a very different one. It is a belief that your country has given you the best and would continue to do so.

But, when one finds that others are undermining this feeling, one gets annoyed. While going through a flea market, a man finds an old flag at the garage sale. Looking at it, he knew something was unusual about it. But he had never anticipated that buying this flag would invite Marines to his place. Why did the Marines gather there? Moreover, it laid the foundation for an incredible story.

 A Flea Market

A scene at a flea market is the most chaotic one. Searching through various small shops and finding out a unique stuff, needs skills. One needs to put their attentive eye on the different looking stuff and then bargain enough to own one. And that day, Walter Brown had his eyes on one of the most monumental things.

The Day

It was any other day at Texas when Walter Brown and his wife Lanie decided to go through a flea market. They were searching for something different and extraordinary there. They had often bought various artifacts like ancients vases and old clocks from here that fetched them great fortune later. Little did they know that today’s hunt will take them to the exceptional.

Not Usual

Yahne, who was one of the people setting up a stall at the flea market, just began to unpack her stuff that day. She was segregating various things and arranging them in a pile. Amongst the boxes, she found a piece that was quite unusual. She keeps it on one side of the table, to carefully look at it later. Even she wasn’t aware that she was setting up the table for a masterpiece.

Caught Attention

Walter and Lanie went through every stall in the flea market. Strolling through different pieces in hope of finding something great. And then the piece that Yahne had set aside for looking a closer look later, caught their eyes. What they assumed to be an ordinary piece was actually an extraordinary one. What was it?

Got Occupied

Yahne later in an interview said that she really wanted to have a look at what it was as they buy products in bulk from storage crates and rarely have time to go through everything. But, as it was the time to set up the market, she got occupied with arranging all the boxes and lost the track of the piece she had kept aside.

Exceptional Find

Walter was intensely looking at the things displayed at various stalls when he came across Yahne’s stall. Though there were many things like books, vases, old clocks, jewelry and some wooden artifacts placed on the table, his eyes caught the attention of the stack of flags that were kept folded on the table. And amongst the stack, one flag, in particular, caught his eyes.