Superstitions and omens must have some sort of truth behind them considering that our ancestors believed in them so much. Surely these strange and unusual predictions could not have just come out from anywhere. Things do not just come out of the blue, right? Well, we must have all heard about that fact that black cats carry a very twisted omen with them. They say you should never walk a path that a black cat walks across. So what about when black cats do other weird things, like when this black cat kept staring at this boy’s photo…?

Ready To Leave

If you are wondering who was the one responsible for taking in this black cat? Well, it was actually Max’s idea to adopt a cat. He told his mom that a cat would be perfect for their house since he was also a lover of pets especially felines. Alex was almost done with his schooling and he had a plan for his future already. He wanted to join the U.S. Navy. Since he had a single mom, it was not a quick or an easy decision.