What would it be like to be a billionaire? A question that enthralls us sometime or the other, for sure. Well, who better could answer this question than their wives, ain’t it? This is a list of all such wives and their interesting lives with their billionaire husbands. Surprisingly, it didn’t end very well for these couples.

Kristy Hinze

112James Clark was working as a computer scientist along with being a successful entrepreneur when he met Kristy Hinze. It didn’t take long, and eventually, James married Kristy, which turned out to be his fourth marriage. Before marriage, Kristy had previously been a model for a famous clothing company and national sporting magazine.

Erica Baxter Packer

210Trying to forge a career in modeling, Erica Baxter Packer met James Packer, who was enjoying a lush life after his investment in Crown Resorts turned up to pay him good dividends. After being in a relationship for four-years, the couple decided to get married. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2013.

Mariah Carey

310Singing legend Mariah Carey began a relationship with billionaire James, and it wasn’t long before they were engaged. Packer finding his new love, not long after finalizing his divorce. But, things didn’t turn up well, and sadly, after a few months with a ring on her finger, the couple split up in 2016.

Tamiko Bolton

45The unbelievable couple of George Soros aged- 82 and Tamiko Bolton 40 years his junior, had met five years before they decided to walk down the aisle in a glorious ceremony in New York that lasted the entire weekend in 2013. Tamiko is now stepmom to George’s children; however, she is younger than them all!

Kate Greer

58Kate and Jack Dorsey (the founder of Square Inc. and Twitter) have been dating for years, despite the fact that their relationship has been through all the highs and lows. They haven’t had any children (yet) as Jack has spoken publicly of how his companies are his babies to him.

Laurene Powell Jobs

61When Laurene met Steve Jobs in the ’80s, the two quickly fell in love. Consequently, they married each other, and the rest is history. Laurene didn’t rely on her husband’s gigantic income as over the years she founded her own companies. But, yeah she was made the co-founder of Apple before Steve Jobs’ untimely death in 2011.