The USS Freedom LCS-1

The USS Freedom LCS-1 is a comparably smaller ship but is extremely maneuverable and quick ship. USS Freedom LCS-1 is called a ‘Littoral’ combat ship because of its deployment near the shore, the littoral zone. These ships were deployed in 2008 and are equipped with BAE Systems Mk 110 57 mm guns as well as a Mk 49 launcher.

The ‘Virginia’ Class Attack Submarines

The United States’ Navy deployed the ‘Virginia’ class of attack submarines to replace the older ‘Los Angeles’ class fleet of attack submarines. These submarines are equipped with newer tech and better navigation equipment. It really is an amazing technological feat considering it faces the scary depths of the seas.

The ‘Seawolf’ Class Attack Submarines

The ‘Seawolf’ class of attack submarines were under research during the Cold War. It was designed with stealth in mind. The aim was to develop an attack submarine that would be difficult to detect and be able to penetrate deep into enemy territories to gather intel for the Navy’s department of intelligence.

The ‘Independence’ Class Littoral Combat Ships

USS Independence is a combat ship that will be deployed by the United States’ Navy in the year 2019. It bears quite a few similarities with the Littoral combat ships much like the USS Freedom LCS-1. Both the ships, however, will be upgraded to “Fast Frigates” in 2019.

 The ‘Ohio’ Class Ballistic Missile Submarine

The ‘Ohio’ class of submarines are intended to be “an undetectable, intercontinental ballistic missile launcher”. It has the capacity to carry twenty-four ‘Trident II’ intercontinental nuclear missiles. The ‘Trident II’ warheads are thirty times more devastating than the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Second World War.

 The ‘Arleigh Burke’ Class Destroyer Ships

The Destroyer was one of the first lines of ships that came installed with the ‘Aegis’ automated weapons system. The Destroyer, a member of the ‘Arleigh Burke’ class is an extremely scary ship for the enemies. It can track up to a 100 targets at once and are capable of deploying countermeasures against ballistic missiles.