The United States’ Navy is one of the most highly equipped and efficient navy forces in the world. The credit for it goes to the gigantic ships that they’ve built over the years. These ships are not only huge in size but also are equipped with the most cutting-edge weapon tech out there. Such are the ships that are listed in this article.

Cyclone Class Patrol Ships

The ‘Cyclone’ class ships are tasked with one of the most difficult tasks of patrolling the country’s coastline every minute of the day. This requires structural resilience and quite a bit of tech to accomplish. USS Hurricane, an excellent ship of the ‘Cyclone’ class does all this and more.

The USS Pueblo

This is a ship that garnered the attention of the world for an extremely unfortunate incident during the Cold War. The USS Pueblo was an environmental research vessel working under the Navy intelligence as a spy ship. The North Koreans captured the ship by force and then proceeded to torture the crew.

USS Samuel B. Roberts

Here is another ship that suffered an unfortunate accident and almost sunk in the Persian Gulf. Mines are a threat that naval ships across the globe suffer from, they are hard to detect and cause immense damage to the ships. The USS Samuel B. Roberts almost sank after hitting an Iranian mine in the Persian Gulf.

Avenger Class: Mine Countermeasure Ships

To ensure that what happened with USS Samuel B. Roberts does not reoccur, the US Navy developed the ‘Avenger’ class of ships. The ship is made of wood and glass reinforced plastic to reduce the ship’s magnetic signature and avoid mine blasts. 

The USS Constitution

The USS Constitution is one of the oldest US navy ships in existence today. It was a technological marvel in the 18th century and serves as a reminder of what has been accomplished from then to now. The ‘Constitution’ currently sits in Massachusetts.

The USS Santa Fe

The USS Santa Fe is a ‘Los Angeles’ class submarine, well, one of the thirty ever made. The ‘Los Angeles’ class of submarine are armed with the capability to launch Tomahawk Vertical Missiles. USS Santa Fe has been in commission with the US Navy since the year 1992 and is still used for recon purposes.