World of a lot of people changed when JK. Rowling introduced them to the world of Harry Potter in 1997. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine became our friends and people we aspired to be. Children and adults alike just could not get enough of the world of Hogwarts, magical spells, dark alleys, and of course the dark world of He Who Must Not Be Named. Potter mania was so intense that after the first seven books, JK Rowling had to come up with following books like Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, The Tales Of Beadle The Bard.

What more? People could not get enough from the movies too. As we all know after the initially planned 8 Harry Potter movies, the new Fantastic Beasts series have started. Today, the Harry Potter books and movies have a cult following. And it is not surprising, all its characters are so well defined and intriguing. Today let’s refresh your memory and remind you of all the amazing female characters in this series. There is an unknown fact about each of them in here so that all you Potterheads have a new knuckle to add to your bag!

Hermione Granger

Obviously, Hermione Jean Granger had to top this list. She had a hard time making friends because of her obsessive need to flaunt her know-it-all nature but this grizzly haired muggle born made her way to the core of the Harry Potter group and we all know that she is the only reason why Harry was alive till this end to fight You Know Who. Her knowing of Hogwarts: A History got the trio out of a lot of tricky situations and even Sirius Black was impressed by her skills in their 3rd year at Hogwarts. Be it figuring out who the animal was in the pipes to being prepared with all their possessions in Bill and Fleur’s wedding so that they did not leave anything behind, this muggle born proved that she deserved to be a witch more than any pureblood. She is the embodiment of beauty, brains, and courage! And you might have known all this but do you know that later Hermione goes on to become the Minister for Magic?

Also, remember the punch of the century she delivered to Draco Malfoy?

Emma Watson

We know Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was the one who so fluently played the character of Granger. From playing Hermoine in Harry Potter for 8 years to being the protagonist in new Beauty and the Beast at the age of 27, Emma Watson has made a separate place for herself in the industry. The most awe-inspiring thing about her is that she is a fierce feminist who, apart from her career in films has managed to take care of her academics. She has a graduate degree in English Literature from Brown University. It did take her 5 instead of 4 years to complete because of her acting career but she completed it nonetheless!

Minerva McGonagall

Not many people know this but Professor Minerva McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor House, Transfiguration teacher and the deputy Head Mistress of Hogwarts, was a half-blood. She was a registered Animagus (a Tabby Cat) who took her loyalty to Hogwarts and Dumbledore very seriously. Also, do you know what her Boggart (the thing she feared the most) was? Voldemort himself. She is a witty badass woman all through the books and movies but the scene in the last movie where she duels Snape to protect Harry and shouts “coward” after him when he takes flight is among one of the audiences favorite scene of hers. Also when she acts like a little girl after using the spell which makes all the armors in the school come alive, she looks adorable! One interesting fact about her is that she was a ‘Hathall’ meaning it took the Sorting Hat 6 minutes to decide whether to put her in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw!

Maggie Smith

Dame Margaret Natalie Smith was an acclaimed veteran way before Harry Potter happened. Her career spans more than 66 years. She was declared a Dame in 1990 for her work in the performing arts by none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself! Many people would know this that in one of the adaptations of David Copperfield, Daniel Radcliffe and Maggie Smith acted together! So they knew each other before acting in Harry Potter. She has won two Oscars till now for her role in the movie The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and California Suite. She is one of the most versatile actresses in the British cinema. Apart from playing different kinds of roles in the industry, she has lent her voice in animated movies also the most recent of which, Sherlock Gnomes was released recently in March.

Luna Lovegood

She is probably the cutest weirdo in the history of weirdos. It is impossible to not adore her, she is so innocently passionate about everything be it her friends or the imaginary Nargles. She justified being a Ravenclaw by showing herself to be perfect clever and courageous student. She was one of the core members of the Dumbledore’s Army and bravely took on many death eaters along with Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Neville. She shared a special bond with Harry because out of their friend group only these two could look at Thestrals, horses who pulled the carriages and were visible only to people who had seen someone die. She was the most helpful and calm character in the entire series who even befriended Dobby who said “I like her very much” because she kindly addressed him as ‘sir’. Also, her Patronus (which is sort of like a guardian angel) was a hare.

Evanna Lynch

How Evanna Lynch got the Luna role is actually an interesting story. Way before she even knew she would be cast in the movie she wrote a letter to JK. Rowling at the age of 11 informing her that she was going through an eating disorder and Harry Potter books were the only things that kept her mind off it. JK. Rowling was touched and they actually started a correspondence. She offered an extras role to Evanna but Evanna was always attracted to Luna’s role and she told Rowling that she would wait for the auditions and she got it!

After Harry Potter, roles kept coming to this polished Irish descent actress. She did a musical called A Very Potter Senior Year. Apart from that, she has appeared in movies My Name is Emily, Danny and the zoo and this year she will be seen in Madness in the Method which is a comedy crime film.