This show which aired in the year 1962 for the very first time, instantly became very popular, credit to the characters of Jethro, Elly May, Granny, J.D. Clampett, and many more. But, there are still some very interesting facts that the people still don’t know about. Yes, the most ardent of fans too. All I can say is to just brace yourself for getting amazed and surprised on reading these secrets of the show.

Gone Too Soon

Sharon Tate had an important role to play in the show in the role of Janet Trego a bank teller. But, unfortunately, this beautiful woman met with a very tragic end in her life. As she was one of the victims of the infamous Manson family killings. Roman Polanski was the husband of Tate and the couple was expecting a child when she was killed.

Jean Queen

Elly May Clampett became known for her style statement from the very first show. Her blue jeans became a fan- favorite after the first season got over. A Levi-Strauss executive said, “Donna Douglas has done more for the sale of blue jeans in one year than cowboys have done in a hundred.”

The Great White Way

Irene Ryan, the woman who played the character of Granny in the show, had an extreme desire of working on Broadway. This was evident from the fact that it was because of this wish of hers that she decided to refuse an offer of playing a role in a very good TV show after Beverly HillBillies ended.


If one would have watched the show keenly, then he would have surely noticed the connection of it with the company Kellogg’s. Actually, the company was a sponsor of the show. It is because of this fact that the slogan “K-E-Double L-O-Double Good. Kellogg’s best to you” played at the end of each episode.

Affected By Alzheimer’s

Due to Alzheimer disease, our very own family banker Mr. Drysdale had to quit the show. Yes, I am talking about Raymond Bailey, he was unable to complete show till the end due to the disease. It was in the year 1980 when he died aged 75.

No Time For Retirement

It was sheer luck of both Buddy Ebsen and the casting director’s as Buddy was on the verge of taking a retirement from Television. But, before that, he was approached by the show’s producers to play the role of Jed Clampett as they were mesmerized by Buddy’s performance in the famous film named Breakfast at Tiffany’s.