Jaqi Clements and her husband Kevin were a lovely pair, living happily in the state of United States. From her childhood days, Jaqi wanted to be a model but because of certain circumstances she missed the opportunities. Also, she thought may be this was not the part of her luck. After all many years her dream and excitement was intact but now her dream was to see her girls to be among the famous models in the world.

The qualities of being a perfect model was luckily present in her girls. Surely, the reason can be genes from their charming mother, Jaqi. While the glamorous life of modeling is enticing, it was more important that the girls have a normal upbringing. It was better for the well being of the girls, and consequently, the whole family. And although she never regretted her decision to pull them out of the agency, things were about to change as the girls were growing older.

A Dream

After the short-lived but rueful decision of signing up her identical twin girls for the modeling agency, Jaqi realized the importance of including their say in the decision making.One attribute of Jaqi’s was that she is a huge believer in signs. She always considered fifteen to be her lucky number. So it was befitting that it would come to play an important role in her and her daughters’ lives.

Jaqi thought her pretty girls have reached their perfect age to venture out into the world of modeling. She introduced the idea of it to the girls on their birthday saying, “I presented my idea to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try.” The girls had shining personalities to match their looks. It was only a matter of time before they would want the spotlight more than they already did right now.