Beagles are one of the most well-received and beloved choices for a canine companion. Their amiable character and even temper make them suitable for households with children as they are an excitable and intelligent breed. The beagle isn’t the world’s eighth most popular breed with no reason!

Honey’s Story

But sometimes, even being an adorable pup can do no favors for you when it comes to unkind owners. Honey the beagle was the victim of such an instance. Despite being a happy pooch, he was abandoned without a second glance by his owners. This was due to Honey’s unusual condition.

Her unusual plight

Honey the beagle was a hapless soul who was distinguished from her peers due to her unique condition. She was a severely obese dog. Obesity is not an uncommon affliction in beagles, who stay inactive for long periods of time. Gaining so much weight was not Honey’s fault per se, as she was at the mercy of her owners to be appropriately exercised. 

A happy Honey

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Cable was happy to update on Honey’s amazing progress. “She goes on long walks, climbs stairs and even runs if she’s feeling a little feisty,” Cable said. “She’s like a different dog now. You can just tell how much better she’s feeling.”

Ready for her forever home

obese rescue beagle new york

While Honey has lost an immense amount of weight, she still had a few more pounds to lose before she could be set up for adoption. “She’ll go back for a vet visit soon to make sure she’s still doing well,” Cable said. “We’re so lucky that we could help her. She’s such a sweet dog and has made everyone fall in love with her.”