An Alarming news!

At 7:30 in the morning, rescue workers received a phone call that made their hearts drop.

It was 7:30 in the morning when these rescue workers received a spine-chilling phone call. This is something most of them never expected they will be hearing over the hotline in their lives, but indeed they had just been informed of a baby orca being stuck on Andrew Rocks, located just off the coast of British Columbia. It was time for low tide which was making things very serious for this baby orca.

She was trapped

It appeared that the orca was hunting with her family for seals.

From that looks of it, one could guess that this poor orca must have been hunting for seals when it got itself stuck so hopelessly. This baby had unfortunately positioned itself amidst the rocks as she was waiting for her other family members to send the seal her way. But to her surprise, something went wrong and this orca found itself trapped.

Her family was unable to help

Her family could be seen swimming in the distance.

From what the people present at the scene describe, they could see that family of this unfortunate orca swimming in the distance, waiting for their poor baby. What was even more gut-wrenching was the fact that they could hear the poor orca baby call out to her family. Unfortunately for her, they were powerless to help her at this point.

They were running out of options

So, the rescue team formed a plan and got to worked.

Without wasting a moment the rescue team got to work, they were well aware how mammoth this task was going to be. As one can imagine, moving an animal as big as an orca was not going to be an easy feat to achieve. Especially when these rescuers couldn’t fall back to their heavy machinery for help.

They had a plan that just might work

The rescue team had no other choice but to think of something and get it done quickly.

The rescue team was running out of both time and options at this point, not only they had to be careful of this poor orca’s heath while they were rescuing her, but they also had to do it fast. One of the members of the rescue team come up with the idea to engineer a hose which would keep the whale hydrated until ocean rose to the point where orca was stuck. With a ton of duct tape and rubber hose, they finally made this peculiar hose.

The sun was their biggest enemy

Their jobs weren't done yet, though.

But this didn’t mean that their job was done. With the sun rising higher on the horizon, the members of the team realized that they hadn’t much time left to waste anymore. They needed to hide this baby orca from the scorching heat of the sunrays. This is the point where you can see the rescue team take off their shirts, and soak it up in water, followed by covering the orca all over with it.