Definitely Mysterious

Watching a bear walk like humans was an amusing thing for everyone who came across the story of this bear. Nobody knew the true story behind the reason he chose to walk on two legs. After gaining popularity, the bear was known as Pedals. But his miserable story was yet to be revealed. Walking with two legs is uncommon in bears. This doesn’t come to them naturally. Then scientists studied the footage of Pedals walking closely and told the world his side of the story.

A Sad Story

Experts came up with the relevant explanation behind Pedals, the bear’s mysterious walk. According to them, Pedal’s front paws were damaged, he was suffering from some serious injury or broken leg most probably. The experts further added that both his front legs were wounded in a friendly fight with another black bear or in a horrible car accident. This meant that it was not his choice to walk with two legs. Helplessness left him with no choice. 

Bad People

On one hand, Pedals was making everyone watch and couldn’t help but smile. Yes, the bear met an unfortunate end but what he did was being seen by the world and he was a rising star. A new celebrity who didn’t have to do much to make people laugh out loud.

Downright Adorable

The facts that were making people go crazy about Pedals were his funny encounters. he used to look at things in the backyards as he is questioning their use.  His jogs across the parks searching for something to eat or play with. The main things are yet to be revealed about this bear. Aren’t you wondering why people were not scared of him?

Calm And Persistent

It was surprising but this black bear was always so calm and not harming anyone. He was walking here and there without bothering anyone. In the few months when he was seen every other day, Pedals never harmed the crowd. The bear that was making the world’s stomach ache with laughter when he himself was starving.

Lifetime Of Starving

Biologists said that Pedals was malnourished and that too since birth. We should tell you beforehand that no vets ever examined him. But any animal expert can tell it just by looking at his famous videos that the bear was underweight. So, all this was not enough of an issue in Pedal’s life that he got surrounded by more danger.