Bears are beautiful and dangerous. A bear is one animal whose name’s history could not be specified because in the medieval period people believed that taking this monster’s name will bring him towards the villages. If you’ve thought of them as other wild animals than the true side of these animals has stayed hidden from you. Just like every species, even bears have something special and some stories that remained unheard. We’ve brought one such most recent story. The story of Pedals, the extraordinary bear is a reminder for humans to control their selfish emotions for the sake of morality.

A Weird Sighting 

One fine day, when everything was going slow and as always. There was something unexpected going on that no one was aware of. It was one summer morning when a big event was about to begin. People were scared of it but soon started finding fun in it. If you are walking on the street near your home and all of a sudden a weird creature overtakes you and moves ahead. what would you do? Will you follow it to check on what’s going on? Or will you call 911? Or will you think of it as you might be daydreaming and keep walking on your way?

New Jersey

Rockaway Township, New Jersey was going to encounter something unusual. On the roads that are made for vehicles, people of the area noticed a furry thing. At first, it looked like some mascot, a human inside an animal outfit. They were taking it as some kind of prank or some kind of “free hugs” type of things. Nobody even paid much attention to it until they realized what this thing actually was.

No Mascot!

This moving thing was assumed to be some mascot. In reality, there was no human inside it. Then what was it? The people of New Jersey were in disbelief to see that it was a bear. The bear was walking just like humans, he wasn’t even using his front legs. Usually, bears can scare the hell out of humans but people couldn’t help stopping by and recording this walking bear on their phone cameras. It wasn’t just once that he walked out of the woods.

Was He In Real?

When New Jersey people saw this walking bear lurking around their backyards, not just once but every other day. After people uploaded his videos on the internet, it went viral in no time. Pedals, the bear was seen walking through the parks, backyards, and roads. When the videos were being shared throughout the virtual world, Pedals had his own struggle going on which no one was aware of, till the time a person posted a proof of it.

Rumors Based On Speculation

After being a topic of discussion for all the New Jersey people, the city’s wildlife experts were never able to bring him in for medical check-ups and examination. When Pedals was winning hearts across the globe, everyone was trying to reach to the unusual animal. Sadly, now they cannot even try to find him anymore. It seems that before the right people could have reached to Pedals, others did. 

Everyone Was Looking For Him

Most people wanted to see Pedals, the walking bear, some wanted to help him but all the people wanted to see him didn’t have good intentions. Poor giant bear, wish he would have known about the threatening people who were behind him. The bear was already suffering from injuries that couldn’t heal unless taken care of properly and given the right medication. There’s a reason why he needed medication and treatment.