When Taylor Naho’olewa was informed about her lover’s skiing accident, she knew it was going to affect her life in some way. However, she did not expect that to change her whole life. She was devastated when she was given the news of her boyfriend’s misfortune. This was not something she expected to happen on a day like this. It was Valentine’s day and the two were about to have both their worlds flipped in a way neither of them had ever anticipated…

Life Change

Taylor received a call one random day. This was about the unfortunate news of her boyfriend. It was something no loving partner would ever want to be informed about. “Colton has a broken back.” We do not have to stress on how frustrating and intense it is to see someone you love suffer. We fuss over even a slight fever so an accident of this magnitude would be a devastating blow. Poor Taylor already had a bad day as it was and to hear this must not have been soothing.

Colton’s Secret

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So as soon as she heard about the news of boyfriend Colton, Taylor was sure things were going to change and that their lives would not be the same anymore.  However, it turns out, during this whole time there was something that Colton was hiding something from her. Obviously, Taylor was oblivious to his well-kept secret. So what could it be?

Deep In Love

Taylor is a Texas girl at heart and did not expect that of all places, American Fork, Utah would be the place where she found the man of her dreams. When she moved there, she did not have too many expectations for the place. However, after living there for quite a while, she began dating the extreme snowboarder and the two hit it off well. They fell for each other quickly and effortlessly. They found that they were quite compatible.

Used To Minor Injuries

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There was another connection that these two shared. It was the fact that the two of them were both Mormon. The two have stated that it was love at first sight for them both! So, because he was an extreme athlete, Colton would often get into accidents and get a few broken bones and injuries here and there. But this was a whole other ballpark as a broken back could keep him disabled for life. We must remember that he does extreme sports for a living so he needs to have a healthy active body.

Who Is Colton Brockbank?

Colton Brockbank had always been a risk taker. His friends and relatives all knew him to be a daredevil ever since he was a young kid. His love for extreme sports had often resulted in him getting many injuries. Colton had previously broken his back once but managed to survive. Taylor was head over heels for this guy despite his antics, keeping her worried when he went off to slip and slide on remote regions of the world.

Second Time Coming

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So when he was enjoying his day in Park City, which is a well-known snowboarding area, Taylor was called by the hospital, telling her about the tragic news. So when she heard about his back being broken, Taylor was especially devastated due to the fact that this had happened for the second time! It was something that she always warned Colton about.