As we go through life, we can all agree that there comes a time when we have to keep secrets. Sometimes, even our work leads us to have the need to keep secrets. We often experience things that would be better left as a confidential matter. There is a lot of information that is kept from the public’s knowledge if you ask astronauts regarding their job. Here is a man who has had to keep top secret for decades that he finally revealed…

Life-Changing Information

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This guy here had been keeping one big secret from everyone he knew as it was not something that anyone would take in lightly. And so before he passed away, he decided to give this life-changing information to a very close friend. He knew that he had to keep this secret but at the last minute decided that it was worth telling to a close companion. So just like that, an entire Discovery Channel series was started.

A Show

So what exactly did this information that he leaked to his friend go on to do? Well, after disclosing his secret, a new show was started from what had been told. So this fascinating show was all about space. It follows the amazing findings made from the astronaut’s calculations. These are not trivial discoveries, rather they are making history as we speak.

Meet Gordon Cooper

So who is the astronaut that had been keeping his remarkable discoveries from the whole world? Well, he goes by the name Leroy Gordon “Gordo” Cooper Jr. He was the youngest of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury. In case you did not know this, it was the first manned space program of the United States. So already he had an impressive designation, agreed?

First Sleeping American In Space

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This man was no ordinary astronaut. He had quite an impressive resume actually. It turns out, Cooper piloted the longest and final Mercury spaceflight in 1963. One other thing that made him standout would be the fact that he was the first American to sleep in space during this 34-hour mission. It may not sound like much of an achievement but it would not suck being the first to be able to do this…

A Skilled Astronaut

Cooper was one guy who was well liked by his colleagues and astronaut-mates. He was certainly popular in his workplace and was one of the most skilled guys there. Therefore, it was not a surprise that he was also selected to work as a backup Commander for the May 1969 Apollo 10 mission. From all that he had done and been selected for, you cannot deny that this man was good at this job…

Career at NASA

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When he worked at NASA, Cooper was certainly not one to be kept all the way at the back. So his time at NASA was where Cooper was given the title of being a record-breaker. But this man who had received so much accolade in the astronaut world died suddenly in 2004. He passed away due to heart failure but did not fail to release the life-changing data he had collected.