Let’s dive into the story of an ancient discovery that baffled everybody. There are no words to explain what an amazing discovery this was. When we first read about it, this was literally the best thing we have read in a long time. This amazing discovery was made in a 600,000-year-old lake. You can imagine how epic this discovery would have been because if you look at the age of the lake which is just amazing but not more than this find. Let’s see what was found that made this story viral.

Beautiful Lake

For decades, this place has been surrounded by the beautiful turquoise lake, that is confined within huge mountain terrain. The landscape around here is something always looks forward to seeing one day leaving behind their hectic schedule. One the edge of the cliff you can spot an ancient church, standing tall guarding the lake. But the most fascinating thing about this place was hidden inside the Lake Van. What was it? You’ll find out soon.