From The Start

In the Bible, the Philistines portrayed as the ancient Israelites’ adversary, a group of migrated people who came from the west and later settled in five important cities of Philistia, which could be found in present Israel and Gaza Strip. The Philistines have been shown in a very bad light. But this discovery has changed the perception of the people which they had in their minds about the Philistines.

World’s View

It’s very common of people to talk bad about the Philistines and it’s not their fault. The society has been taught wrong and even today it’s teaching us wrong. The discovery has told the world that whatever they thought about the Philistines was wrong. They were the most simple and modest people the world has ever seen. The story which we have heard of Delilah and Samson or The Giant and David haven’t been proved yet. But still, we believe those incidents did take place in the past. When there is no surety, then how come we could believe in something?

Some Facts

There are a few things that we can tell about the Philistines people after this discovery. The graves have shown us that these people weren’t giants like the story has shown them. They were normal human beings just like us. They had their own way of living and worshipped their own gods and custom. The burial ritual wasn’t very flashy but a simple gesture of paying respect to their loved ones. Today, it’s up to us how we see them.