Let’s just put all our beliefs and understanding aside for a moment. Buy why? Because what you are about read would change everything for you. The discovery made by these archeologists and researchers has given the new definition about the world. After years of research, they found that one thing which was missing and due to which several questions were left unanswered. What is the first thing comes into your head after reading the word Philistines? Something bad or not even sure what that is? If bad then it’s not your fault and if nothing comes into your head, even then, it’s not your fault. In today’s world we have not given much significance to them, but, after reading the story of the discovery made by the researchers all anybody could think about was Philistines. Who would have thought something this big stayed hidden for such a long period of time. The question of who were the Philistine people has finally been answered.

Bad Reputation

It’s a known for a fact that Philistines doesn’t have a very good rap. The history of the world consisting the chapters of Philistines would only show them in a very bad light. We aren’t just writing stuff, we have proofs. So, if you would look for the word “philistine” which is defined as someone who is egotistical and lacking in society. It’s not us saying all of this but this what it is. This example is just a start because taking a look at the history of the Philistines, you’ll be amazed to see how their reputation has been cooked by some people (we don’t know who they were or are). But one thing we are sure about is that things won’t remain the same as the Philistines anymore. The discovery has changed everything for them in a most unexpected way.

The Bible

According to the Bible, the Philistine people lived in the five areas comprising of Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gath, and Ekron which was togetherly knows as Philistia or the Land of the Philistines. It was the Greeks which gave them the term Palestine. But there has been a lot of confusion regarding their origin. Limited texts and each and every text has shown them in a very bad light has confused the researchers all over the world. But not anymore, because the mystery revolving around the Philistines has finally been solved.

The Old Testament

It was the Jews who wrote the Old Testament. We all know that the Jews and the Philistines don’t see eye to eye, and the Old Testament is a proof of that. There is a story in the Old Testament, the story of David and Goliath. In the story, David is a sweet innocent Jewish boy who takes on a bad giant Goliath with a simple slingshot. Beat that!

There is one more story very interesting obviously for the Jewish people. 

The Wicked Delilah

This story which is also found in the Old Testament revolves around the sinister and tempting Philistine, Delilah who seduces the mighty Samson to know his secret behind his great strength, which eventually was his hair. So, she cuts them and then the Philistines capture Samson and as a punishment blind him before sending him to prison. Wow! Right? Putting aside all these stories full of biasedness we have something more interesting and amazing for you people which only a few people knew about and they made sure we read about it too.

The Facts

Regardless of how the Bible portrays the Philistines which is not so favorable, there is a lot we don’t know about them. According to several scholars, the Philistines homed in cities situated along the Mediterranean Sea. Many of the cities which are part of the modern day Israel and some are found in modern times Palestine. One of the oldest city known as Ashkelon which still is in existence is located along the Israeli coast. But the researchers were confused about the start. Eventually, they found a lead and later discovered something precious that changed the course of the history.

The Beginning

When archeologists started their amazing mission to uncover the hidden truth behind the Philistines history they found several artifacts which go back to 12th century. They discovered that the Philistines actually have a very long connection with ancient Greece. The Philistines people enjoyed eating pork and had a very distinctive culture than the people who lived in the Middle East. Soon they found out more astonishing facts about them. This discovery was so amazing that they had to hide it for three years. Why? You ask? You’ll see why they hide the discovery.