If being a tenant is tough, then you have no idea how difficult it is to be a landlord of a property. Though every landlord puts up his owned property up for rent, you just can’t give it to anybody. You have to look into every aspect before renting out the place. The frisking process is long and tiring. And if not taken good care, it can also lead to an unexpected situation which can later cause you trouble. This guy who was a good man and a very patient landlord got himself into trouble when he rented out his beautiful apartment to someone he thought would be a desirable tenant for his place. But little did he know things won’t turn out to be the way he thought they would. When nothing seemed to be going the way he planned he went to see the tenants where he found himself in the middle of chaos. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The sight wasn’t even close to what he had expected. What did he see? You’ll find out soon…

Risky Business

As we said, renting out a property comes with a lot of unwanted responsibilities. You just can’t leave your property on mere trust. Trust is a heavy word and the burden comes on your shoulder when things don’t go as planned. Same happened with this guy who thought he did the right thing and the tenants to whom he rented out his place were just perfect. Soon the bubble shattered and the harsh truth about the tenants was out which made his life amid all the wrong things. He wasn’t prepared for this.

Perfect Tenants, He Thought

Thomas Ravaux put up an ad in the papers about his property which was almost ready and was looking for a family to move in as early as possible. There is a lot of finance that goes into a property and just like every other landlord he wanted to get his investment back in his bank accounts. After meeting numerous interested tenants he found the perfect family (he thought they were perfect). But everything changed once he got to know the truth about them and the family.

Passing The Checks

Thomas always had this positive attitude towards his life. After a long search, he finally found a family with three well-mannered children that seemed a happy family. It wasn’t Thomas’ mistake that he was fooled by their appearance as anybody could have fallen for that. The paperwork was in process, where Thomas checked all the financial and security details of the family before he gave them the keys of the apartment. There were no red flags and he approved them. But things didn’t remain the same.

A Good Landlord

Thomas was a responsible landlord and he wanted to make the apartment as welcoming as he could in a week. He wanted to make sure the new property looked striking to the new family. Unfortunately, Thomas wasn’t aware of the family idea which they had in their mind. Soon they broke his trust and when he entered the house he was speechless. The house on which he had put so many efforts was something else entirely.



Thomas asked the family if they could wait for a week before moving into the house. He wanted to make the French apartment look perfect in all sense. Within a week time, the walls had fresh new white paint, the plumbing was done, cornices, door handles, and the minute fittings were taken care off and by the end of the week, the house was complete. The house has a wood flooring and he even rented the wood polishing machine to clean the floorings of the house. He did everything a landlord could but still, the tenant did this terrible thing to him.

The Family Visited

Before the family moved into their new house they wanted to look the house again. Thomas who after a week was ready to give the keys was in some confusion as they wanted to see the apartment again. Eventually, he agreed and they headed towards the apartment. Thomas could see how happy the family was after they saw the house which was shining like a brand new car. But what confused Thomas the most was that the family didn’t say anything about the shifting process. That was very strange about them. What was their plan?