Hair-Infested Face

This shabby man walked into the barbershop and most of the employee did not even know where to start with him. Since the man’s face was covered with facial hair, his features were not even visible. An employee stepped up to the plate, giving him a makeover that surely transformed him for the better.

A Heroic Barber

This amazing make-over was later posted on Reddit by a user who called himself WalterWhiteBoy16. It was posted to the “Male Hair Advice” subreddit, with WalterWhiteBoy16 entitling their submission, “My barber is a hero.” The pictures that showed the before and after look certainly proves the whole point of the entry.

 A Well- Seasoned Barber

This “hero” referred here is Tyler Fleetwood. He is the owner of White Stag Barber Co. in Springfield, Missouri and has worked in the hair industry for seven years. All his clients are in good hands when Tyler performs his magic on them.

His Main Objective

His goal is to make other men not only look good but feel good as well. “If you sit in my chair, you will undoubtedly have a highly trained expert providing you with an extraordinary hair experience,” he has written on the White Stag Barber Co. website. “It’s my personal mission to make you look the BEST you’ve ever looked in your life!”

Terrific With Scissors

He claims that using just a pair of scissors, he can enhance his client’s looks. “Part of feeling confident, being motivated and staying ready to take on the world is having a look that kills,” he wrote by way of explanation. “A look that says you’re not here to mess around.”

 His Duty And Responsibility

It was clear that all this passion let Fleetwood create the transformation that WalterWhiteBoy16 was so galvanized by. When the scruffy man appeared at Fleetwood’s shop one day, he felt that it was his responsibility to give the man a transformation he came for.