Attention Attention

Janet Lawler was from Boise, her hometown. She was in her late adulthood stage of life. After bringing up her children and fulfilling all her responsibilities with her family, she wanted to devote some time to herself. She wanted to have a makeover as she was filling apathetic with her usual looks. And to have one, she does something really crazy. Another woman named Brigette Dineen was from Ohio. She was working as a nurse in Cleveland. She was the other woman to accompany Janet. She too wanted a makeover and flaunt her new looks to her entire kitty gang. None knew that this nurse would ravel her new looks in the most unexpected manner.


Janet and Brigette both were selected for the makeover. Amongst the thousands of ladies who appeared at the Today plaza in hopes of being selected, these two women bragged this opportunity. Now they were under the hands of experts who were about to do wonders! The very first expert which the show staged was none other than Louis Licari. He was the hair stylist at the show. He even owes the title, “Master Of Scissors” all to himself.

Color Them

The show’s hairstylist, Louis, told Janet that she had colored her hair in the same color due to which the hair has turned dull and lack moisture. To give her hair some bounce, he trimmed her hair into layers and colored them blonde4. And the end results came shocking to Janet. He also changed the direction in which she combed her hair.

Drab To Fab

These after and before images of the makeover are the ones blowing everyone away. Her glasses are changed to lenses and her unkempt hair are now short and trimmed. Her eyebrows are now highlighted and a little dash of lip color makes all the difference. She definitely went from drab to fab.

Hey Gorgeous

Janet’s makeover is a really fine one. Her after and before pictures are so different that no one can really absorb that it’s not two different ladies but the same one. Post-makeover her wrinkles are light, her lips highlighted. Her hair is dyed and curled, adding that extra edge to her personality.