Ever since we were little kids we have always dreamed of hunting a buried treasure. Many of us might have played this game as a kid where we followed a made-up map that led us to the treasure but this fantasy came true for a native English man when he stumbled upon an ages-old treasure. In some regions, treasure hunting is more than just a hobby and you might have come across various stories of people who earned a millionaire status overnight by discovering a historical treasure. However, this man from England would also make history by what he had discovered and what he decided to with the treasure.

Priceless Treasures

For many, it is a dream to stumble upon a historic treasure but for some, it means serious business. Some might indulge into the act of treasure hunting for a living while many tend to do it thoroughly out of passion. Today, we are going to discuss the story of an amateur treasure hunter from England who spent decades searching for a treasure but couldn’t find anything but dirt and failure until one day…

Treasure Hunters

Money makes life easy, right? You can do whatever you please, just let them dollar bills talk. But making money isn’t a walk in the park unless you happen to bump into a historical treasure which is worth a gazillion dollars. And what would you do with that money? The question should be, what you wouldn’t? The bucket list starts to open up and it’s a long list that boasts of the supercar you have always wanted and a million dollar mansion you have always dreamed of living into. Don’t be envious as this fantasy comes true for a man we will be reading about today.

Historical Treasure

The first image that pops up in our minds when we start to think about a long-lost treasure is definitely of the pirates. Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum! Or Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean? However, this certainly wasn’t the case with Peter Macdiarmid as what he was about to discover was way more valuable than a stack of rum bottles.

Peter Macdiarmid

The man you can see in the picture above is Peter Macdiarmid and the reason behind his wide smile is owning a millionaire status that too overnight. Who said you can’t be rich overnight? This man is a living proof that your hobbies can end up making you rich and famous. But it didn’t come to Peter as easy as one may like to think. He had to struggle for a really long time but he emerged stronger than ever after every blow that life threw at him and eventually it paid off.


Stumbling upon a treasure is not something as ordinary. Even finding a penny or a dollar bill is something that happens once in a blue moon so you can imagine how extraordinary and rare it must be to discover a treasure. It wasn’t the first time Peter Macdiarmid had gone out for treasure hunting. It was something he would do on a weekly basis with his friends unlike us ordinary people who usually catch up over a drink. But he had always failed to date in his pursuit of finding a treasure and not to say that his unemployed status was taking a toll on the whole family.

Years of Failure

Peter was a family man, not only was he married but he also had the responsibility of bringing up his kids. He had a dream and he chased it with all he had and there were times when he didn’t have any work that could help him meet his expenses. He would usually take up part-time jobs or seasonal jobs for a living but little did he know that his time was about to change for the better.