Vacation In Italy

You all would agree to the fact that Italy is one of the most beautiful and sought places people look forward to spending their vacation in. Stefano Mariottini, a chemist by profession was longing for a good vacation and took it when he thought it was right time to have one, away from all the chaos of life. Nothing is better than Italy. But where in Italy? As we already said, he was in the right place at the right time.

Scuba Diver

There are times when we don’t get to be what we really want. In that situation, we accept what comes in our way because of the force that drives us to be something else for a sole reason, survival. But Stefano Mariotti never left his passion of being a diver and continued it as his hobby. He just loves to explore the undefined boundaries of the sea which holds god knows what…

Untouched Territory

Stefano was exploring the sea and he was enjoying every moment of it. He was ready to check his limits that this sea has already made sure nobody crosses it. But he wasn’t the one who backs down from such things. You might know that there are some spots of which you are made aware before you take a dive, right? Even he was warned but there was something else in his mind. He found something in one of those same spots about which he was warned about. His life was about to get changed.

Another World

In today’s time, every other person wants to escape the real world. Some leave it behind with a book in a hand and some are like Stefano who escape the land to discover the sea which is as mystical as it could be. Away from everything, Stefano was swimming with his love and he saw something from a distance which changed everything for him. Life couldn’t be better, he thought. But little he knew, the best was waiting for him…

Still A Mystery

There is still a mystery that revolves around the two statues. The question was how did these two statues end up in the bed of the sea? Many experts believe that two statues were lost in the sea in between of their transportation because of the bad storm in the sea. However, there are still many questions that revolve around it.