An astounding discovery

He noticed that one of the desk’s knobs had been caught under one of the desk drawers, while investigating this bizarre thing LeClerc made an astounding discovery. Talking to, LeClerc remembered, “I banged the desk forward, and when the knob came out the envelope dropped.”

He was sitting on $127,000!

The content of this envelope was simply astonishing, what was amazing was that it seemed to have made up for the initial $40 outlay and then some. “The first thing I saw was a $500 bond,” he said. “It was absolutely amazing. We found 50s, and then we found 100s, 200s, 500s, and then we found a stack of six $10,000 bonds.” Not long after, LeClerc realized that he was indeed sitting on $127,000 in form of matured United States Saving Bonds. A life-altering sum for anyone

This family had been looking for it for years

Just like the place he had gotten this desk from, LeClerc too was an honest, god fearing man. He prided himself on his integrity and principle and knew right that second that the righteous thing to do at this point would be to find the rightful owners. Having dealt with the grieving family not too long ago, she was able to get in touch with them instantly.  “The family had been looking for them for years,” Kelley told The Globe, before describing the moment she returned the bonds to the son. “He was so happy. It could not have happened to a nicer guy. We love stories like this. It’s why we do what we do.”

It was going to change their entire life

As the last remaining bond was returned, this son found himself in a much better place and felt empowered to look after his 94-years-old father. “It’s a lot of money,” Kelley said. “I mean, it’s going to change their lives, completely change their lives. Another story, quite similar to this one went viral in 2013. Noach McCroff had made a purchase of an old desk from a listing at While the rabbi had bought this desk for only $150, it would soon unfold that this little desk was, in fact, worth a lot more.

It was going to be one big surprise!

“It fit perfectly into my van,” he told VIN News, “but when we got home, it was about a quarter of an inch too big to fit into my office.” Then Muroff proceeded to dismantle this table in order to get it to fit in the room. Amidst doing that, he picked up on a plastic bag stuffed behind one of the drawers, upon pulling that bag he couldn’t believe what he had discovered. A bag full of cash!

They found $98,000!

“We brought it to the table and counted it out, and there was $98,000,”  the rabbi recollected. “My wife and I both knew immediately that we would return it. She was speechless when we called her to tell her we had found it.” This was indeed a life-changing sum again, one that would sway anyone’s consciousness. But this couple knew what this sum would be worth to its rightful owner.