Lions are regarded as the king of the jungle.They are considered to be the most ferocious, mightiest animal on land. It would definitely be scary to encounter a lion if you do not have some weapon to protect yourself. But when this 500 pound lion met these dogs, you would never believe how they reacted. We all know that lions are protective of their territory and go all out to protect their clan. Since they are strong and agile, they are considered leaders of the all the other wildlife animals.

Meet Bonedigger

This is Bonedigger. He is a lion that got rescued and now stays at the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park in Oklahoma. Hearing his name Bonedigger, you would imagine that this lion would be an aggressive animal that no one would dare come close to. But you would be pleasantly surprised. It is often said that you should not judge a book by its cover. In this case, you should not judge the book by its size. We will show you the strange friendship that blossomed between these two animals; it involves several smooth dachshunds. It really is a puzzling case.

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Unusual Roommates

Bonedigger was only a cub when Milo and three other Dachshunds, Angel, Abby and Bullet, discovered that the cub had something wrong with his health. The dogs would be by his side and act as guardian angels for the poor cub. No one knew how the lion would react to the dogs.

The Dachshunds would occasionally visit Bonedigger inside his cage. Everyone present was scared that the lion would tear them int o shreds, devour them and show his merciless side. No one expected that he would ever have an interest in bonding with these lovely dogs.

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Eight-year-old Milo has obviously become so close to Bonedigger. They are seen constantly playing about and giving each other kisses and pecks. “I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like this bond,” an employee said about the friendship. “They’re always just loving on each other.”  Bonedigger and the Dachshunds love to play together at all times! “Believe it or not, I think the weenie dogs overpower him,” Bonedigger’s caretaker has even stated. “One minute they’ll be running around the house, chasing him, and then the next minute, he’s chasing them—so they reverse roles.”

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Little Helper

Milo has developed the habit of mimicking whatever Bonedigger does! “Milo does his best to copy Bonedigger when the lion tries puffing to communicate with other lions in the park,” Mr. Reinke has even observed. There is no denying that the pair is inseparable.  Bonedigger is not the only one in charge when it comes to hygiene. Milo makes it a point to return the lion’s flea removals by cleaning his teeth! It is difficult to wrap one’s head around this friendship because it is so out-of-the-ordinary. How does the zookeeper feel about all this though?

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