A File


Harris was confident that she will definitely find something in that box. And as she started looking into stuff in it, she grew nostalgic. A lot of things in that box reminded her of her adopted parents. Some toys, old photographs and her favorite frocks which she used to wear as a child. And then she comes across the file she had been looking for.


Adoption Papers


The file that she found was an adoption file that her new parents were handed over when she adopted Hilliary. She finds her adoption papers in it. She was hopeful that this file would summarise the details about her family, but to her surprise, the file did not furnish all the details or maybe some papers were missing. Yet she was able to find something that might prove helpful to her.

Few Names


Though the file did not provide much information to Hillary, it furnished certain names. The father’s name read  Wayne Clouse. Not only this but she also got to know that she had a half-sister from her father named Dawn Johnson. The papers also had the orphanage name from where Wayne adopted Hillary. Would she be able to locate her family after all these years or was the unexpected written in her fate?

Unanswered Questions


Hillary visited the same orphanage again. She could not recall that she once lived there. And how would she? She was only one year old when she lived there. Just when she thought that the door to this orphanage would lead her to her family, the doors to her hope closed. The orphanage was abandoned and there were no whereabouts of the children that once were sheltered there. Was it the end or a beginning to the unanswered?

Search Continues


Harris continued her search. She was determined to find her family. She asked the people living near the orphanage if they could fetch her any contact number of anyone who was linked with the orphanage’s authority and staff. Unfortunately, none knew about anyone. Just then she thought why not search the names over the web. Surely, she wasn’t prepared for what was about to come.



Harris instantly took up to Facebook for help. She in the search column types, “Dawn Johnson”. And there it was. There were some thousand of Dawn Johnson that the search results fetched, but which was her sister none knew. It was not as easy as Hillary thought it would be. Since she had never met her before, there wasn’t even a possibility that she could make some possible guesses about her. And then something strange happens.



Harris was now sure, for some unknown reason that she won’t be able to meet her biological family ever in life. One fine day she was strolling in the lawns of her house when she saw that a new couple has moved in the next door. Though there wasn’t anything special about the new neighbors, yet, Harris decided to show some politeness.