Love and kindness are two virtues, which are most essential for proper working of this world and interaction between people across the globe. This incident in Thailand will again prove this fact, that an act of love cannot be weighed and categorized into big or small. It is precious and vital.

Thailand And Rain

Thailand, a country located in Southeast Asia is known for its monsoons. Well, by saying known for, I mean to say that this country experiences such heavy rain that hardly any nation would witness. Last year, the same happened in a suburb of it’s, named Jomtien.

Running For Cover

The local residents had no other option than to run for anyplace they could hide, seeing the extremely heavy downpour. The area got flooded and it was extremely dangerous for anyone to stay outside and expose themselves to rain. While everyone was running for cover, one of them heard something strange, and it caught his attention.

The Cry For Help

The man decided to search for the source of the sound. After some time, he was left perplexed, as, amidst the chaos, it was getting very difficult to search from where the sound was coming. Nevertheless, the man decided to take a closer look, as he thought it might be someone who needed help.

A Neighbor’s Voice

On returning home, Brett heard a loud scream from his neighbor. He rushed towards his house to know what had happened. On asking, his neighbor told him that he could hear the sound of crying kittens but wasn’t able to judge their location. Both of them decided that they had to do something about it.

 The Effort To Locate

The situation was not at all on their side. It was an uphill task to search for someone as small as a kitten, amidst heavy rainfall and muddy water which had filled the streets. After a valiant effort, they were finally able to trace the sound back to the location.

In The Barrel

They were surprised on finding a kitten trying to cling to a piece of wood which was lying inside a barrel.The barrel had been in the garden for a very long time.The kitten was actually trying to save herself from drowning in the water, whose level was quickly escalating in the barrel due to the rain.