Love At A Gas Station?

Love is unpredictable, you can meet your soulmate anywhere, but a gas station? Unlikely, right? It is quite rare to see something happen, a spark rather, in a gas station of all places. This happened to Craig Godfrey and Laura Orr – and CCTV captured every minute.

First Meeting Place

Where do most people meet? It is usually from online dating sites or getting set up on blind dates by friends or family. Well, for Godfrey and Orr, a gas station was the setting for their first meeting.

On a July morning back in 2016, Orr decided to visit a gas station while she was on her way to work. Her main purpose was to go and grab coffee but little did she know that she would go home with so much more than that.

New Romance

Godfrey was working at the gas station and when he saw Orr, decided to strike up a conversation. After quickly befriending one another on Facebook, they decided on the swapping of phone numbers and a new romance flourished.

In Godfrey’s Words

“I remember the day Laura came into the store on her way to work in July,” Godfrey explained to the Daily Mirror. “We chatted at first, then became friends on Facebook and through text, and here we are now.”

 Living Together

After the unexpected meeting, Godfrey and Orr, both parents from previous relationships, went from strength to strength. They now reside in Hull, England, a city that’s in the same area as the gas station they first met in.