Seen It All?

Gladys and Carla Spizzirri have seen everything in the business. They have encountered a numerous number of problems that many don’t dare to touch but these two sisters were ready for any kind of challenge. But that call from Joyce made their head spin and even the wildest guess wasn’t any near to what they were about to see when they entered the house. But entering the house was another part of the story but deciding if they really want to check the house was the present situation.

Behind The Door

Gladys and Carla were famous in their field of work. They knew Toronto on their fingertips. Both of them were expert in selling the properties that were most sought for by the people. They have been lucky to sell several properties that already had the capability to sell themselves but this time it would be entirely different. They would need to work harder than before to sell this house at 148 Jane Street. They were already confused on accepting the offer of selling the property but as it was off season in the real estate business they had to make a very hard decision.

Ready To Part?

One thing that made them curious was the age of the woman. Joyce was a 96-years-old woman who was living in the house and now she suddenly wants to sell it. But why? Joyce being an old woman still was very attentive and Carla noticed it. Carla recalls her grandmother who was the same age as Joyce and had a hearing problem but here was Joyce who was perfect in all sense. Carla was really impressed but soon she would be surprised at the core. What exactly is there in the house?

Untouched Secrets

Joyce has been living in this house for over 70 years. The property was kinda same as every house in the locality but somehow it would be different from any other houses. This house holds something unusual that would shock everybody very soon. Both the sisters were really amazed to see Joyce has been living in this for such a long time and what really shocked them was the fact that this house hasn’t been touched for 70 years. So, basically, this house was built and then left untouched since then. But why? They knew the risk if they agree to sell the house. Nobody would ever buy this house if there are problems with it. But what happened next was really surprising to both of them.

The Shape Of It All

Both Gladys and Carla were really confused about Joyce’s proposal because of the fact that the house on 148 Jane Street hasn’t been touched for even once. And the doubt of a 96-year-old woman wouldn’t have been able to keep up the place was there inside the house. They need to decide really soon because there was a certain deadline which was given by Joyce as she wouldn’t think twice to contact other agencies. But why was she in such a hurry to sell the house in which she has spent her almost entire life. But there was only one thing that made Gladys and Carla stick with Joyce.

The Big Upside

Both Gladys and Carla knew the worth of the property in that locality. And even if the possibility of the house being in a bad condition wouldn’t harm them. The area was one of the most sought areas in that location. The neighborhood was well maintained filled with responsible people. After Carla hung up the phone she started calculating the worth of the house going by present rates. And the numbers she came up was something else entirely.