What lies behind those closed curtains? Isn’t it intriguing to see someone living near your house, a man standing in his house balcony for hours and what is he doing? He is just standing. What makes him stand in his balcony for hours and what lies inside that makes him move out of the house. They say a house is the most comfortable place. But this man near your house, who keeps standing alone in that balcony sometimes in silence or playing the flute. Maybe the answers lie inside the house but sadly, you won’t be able to enter the house because this man near your house who keeps standing in the balcony won’t care to open it.
Gladys and Carla Spizzirri sisters and partners in real estate business got an opportunity of their life when a mysterious call told them that the house on 148 Jane Street was ready to get sold. There had been several rumors about the property but when Gladys and Carla entered the house they found that the rumors were true. What lies behind those closed curtains? Both Gladys and Carla found out really soon. The secret was finally out in open.

148 Jane Street

This home which is located on a normal street In Toronto, Ontario, named 148 Jane Street had nothing special that would attract one’s eye. But people who know about the street are aware of the fact that families who live here in this neighborhood go far back in time. They have been living here for centuries. A mysterious phone call changed everything that brought out the secret that lay inside one of the houses on the on 148 Jane Street. What was the secret? You’ll find out soon.

The Real Estate Agency

It was a normal day at the real estate agency which is owned by two sisters, Gladys and Carla Spizzirri. Everything was going as usual and no one would have that this day would change their lives forever. It was in 2009, the two sisters started working together and luckily, their vibes matched and everything was going on smoothly until this day, where a mysterious call brought a tsunami into their lives that swept away everything they had. 

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Both Gladys and Carla were aware of the fact that real estate business has its up and downs. They were professional and handled the business really well. But for life, everybody is the same. We all have to see some dark times that makes us realize what is life actually about. That’s what happened to the two sisters, it was the phone call that changed everything for them.

Musings Of A Perfect Stranger

The people were busy doing their usual work in the office and nobody paid any attention to a phone call which was normal. But somebody has to pick it up. It was Carla who attended the call while Gladys was busy with something else at that time. The person, on the other end, was Joyce, who was willing to sell her home. But something was off about the woman. Her voice made Carla really curious about her intention of selling her house. But being a professional she heard it all from the woman and told her that they will get back to her asap. Before Carla could put the phone down Joyce said something that she wouldn’t have imagined of hearing in this lifetime.

Something Hidden

Normally, when a person contacts the real estate agent to tell them about their desire to sell their house they are happy and full of excitement by the thought of starting something new in their life. But, the last caller Joyce didn’t seem like one. She was hiding something behind her voice which Carla could sense but wasn’t able to make what that was. But soon both the sisters found out about the 111-years-old hidden secret.

The Good Fight

When a house owner decided to sell the house they do try to hide some small problems related to housing like ceiling problem or broke water heater but that wasn’t the case with Joyce. She was hiding something else entirely. Being a pro in their fields, Gladys and Carla could sell any property they come across but this time they would face a great problem in achieving the task. And it was all because of the secret that lingers around the house. The house at 148 Jane Street would be the experience they wouldn’t dare to forget.