148 Jane Street

This home which is located on a normal street In Toronto, Ontario, named 148 Jane Street had nothing special that would attract one’s eye. But people who know about the street are aware of the fact that families who live here in this neighborhood go far back in time. They have been living here for centuries. A mysterious phone call changed everything that brought out the secret that lay inside one of the houses on the on 148 Jane Street. What was the secret? You’ll find out soon.

The Real Estate Agency

It was a normal day at the real estate agency which is owned by two sisters, Gladys and Carla Spizzirri. Everything was going as usual and no one would have that this day would change their lives forever. It was in 2009, the two sisters started working together and luckily, their vibes matched and everything was going on smoothly until this day, where a mysterious call that turned their lives upside down aand swept away everything they had.

Something Hidden

Normally, when a person contacts the real estate agent to tell them about their desire to sell their house they are happy and full of excitement by the thought of starting something new in their life. But, the last caller Joyce didn’t seem like one. She was hiding something behind her voice which Carla could sense but wasn’t able to make what that was. But soon both the sisters found out about the 111-years-old hidden secret.

She Was Home

Joyce saw Gladys and Carla’s car parked outside the house but she didn’t know whose it could be. She saw two women checking her house at the back and called them out. The duo introduced themselves and apologized for their sneak out behavior attitude. Joyce could see that they saw something and that was clearly on their face. Without wasting any time she invited them inside the house and soon everything was about to change for these two sisters.

The Time Capsule

Gladys was inside the house and was shouting in excitement. Carla was surprised to see sister like this. She left the camera in the car ran towards the house. The duo just has won the lottery of their lifetime. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The house which didn’t look remarkable from the outside was something different entirely from the inside. The could see all the unimaginable money coming into their pockets through this house. The moment they entered the house it felt like walking back in the past. The house was decorated as it was the 1940s. It was the same time Joyce first moved in. Nothing changed even after 72 years.