Unexpected Encounter

This was definitely the Rock bottom for this poor mother. To cover even the Co-pay, she was forced to over-draft her account. At this point, the only money she had with herself was the $15 that she had in her pocket at that time. Which too were spent to help buy her son some breakfast at the Denny’s and remaining at the arcade. As she was leaving the arcade, she came across something that would freeze her heart.

Blood Boiling

She saw a cop writing her another ticket, as this sight came to her eyes her whole body ceased up in rage. She just wanted to call out the police officer and explain her situation. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind and make him feel what it was like to be in her shoes. But as she was about to, something stopped her.

Low Point

Even during the time she was having a breakfast with her son, she was contemplating what she needed to do next to counter her financial woes. She was planning out her next step to raise herself and her son out of this situation. But the presence of this particular cops seemed to enrage her even more. It was as if he was the personification of all her problems, a bitter reminder, she just couldn’t stay calm anymore.

Future Police Officer

As Stephen was growing up, one of his countless dreams and aspirations was to become a police officer. He had idolized them all his life and every time he saw a cop, he would be awestruck! However, her mother’s parking ticket troubles had an impact on this little boy too, in his mind he had now started feeling conflicted. In the restaurant, Stephen was sitting only a few table across Ryan Uribe a Tonawanda PD officer who was having his breakfast alone. What Stephen did next could either turn out very courageous or simply stupid and remorseful.


While this single mother had raised her kid all on her own, she was sure to pounder every good habit and proper manners into him. She always led by example, hence she decided not to tell her son what she really thought about the cop. More so since she knew how great her son thought of the policemen and she had no intentions to ruin that image. Regardless of all this, what happened next was something she had never even dreamt of.

Hard Being An Only Parent

Only at times like these would Sarah wish her dad was with her, she was sure that he would know what she should do at times like these and if nothing else he would at least tell her that everything was going to be okay. She felt defeated by her situation and felt ashamed that all the money she had to her name was the breakfast money.