Neighbors can make or break whether you feel comfortable at your own home or not. Having friendly neighbors can make you feel safe while having bad neighbors can ruin your life in some situations. Some people have even been tempted to move because of their neighbors because there’s nothing you can really do about them. See what one man in Florida had to go through when his neighbor did the unthinkable.

A Once-Peaceful Neighborhood

Oliver Lynch was a well-respected man in his neighborhood. The old man had earned his respect over the years. Lynch’s friendly nature had made him lots of friends. He was living a peaceful life until a man moved into the house next to him. Lynch was happy that he had a new neighbor and began to look forward to meeting him. However, all his notion changed when his neighbor showed his true colors. The peaceful town of Osceola, Florida was going to witness something very strange.

Oliver Lynch

Oliver Lynch who is 79-year-old is living in Osceola, Florida for about 25 years. And not for once during the time he had been troubled by his neighbors or anyone for that matter. Prior to the incident, the man was very happy with his family and peaceful neighborhood. No doubt, he was a nice and polite guy. That is how everyone used to describe him until he took a drastic step to teach a lesson to his new neighbor.

Strange Neighbor

His new neighbor did not make any attempt to get along or even meet his neighbors after moving in. Nobody in surrounding knew nothing about him. Lynch thought him to be an introvert or perhaps too busy with his life to talk to them.    

Not Friendly

The new neighbor did not seem friendly at all. In fact, he did something that angered Oliver and the other members of the community. He had done something very bad with Lynch’s property and that too without taking his permission. Lynch had to do something about it. He began with taking the straight route. But what had the neighbor done to him? 

No Profit

He tried to reason with his neighbor that day but the man remained adamant. Lynch by now had well-understood that he had to take another path. His neighbor was trying to take advantage of the fact that he was old. He thought him to be vulnerable. Usually, old people keep mum in order to avoid any fight with anyone. Perhaps, Lynch’s neighbor was thinking the same. But he had never been so wrong in his entire life. 


Lynch had realized that his new neighbor was taking him lightly because of his age. The man had heard a lot of stories about the old people getting bullied because of their age. Lynch refused to succumb to it and decided to change their perspective for good. He once said, “I just hate being bullied.” So what was he going to do? And most importantly, what had his new neighbor done that made him and all other people so angry?