Human beings are social. Therefore, we are always in search of someone to be with, a partner to share our ups and downs with. We fall in love and marry our lover. But, what if after years of being together, life decided to give obstacles to block your happiness, like a health issue? What if your partner needed a kidney donor? Would you take control of the situation and try to better things or would you just give up? Would you look for a kidney donor right away? This is the remarkable story of a man who did all that he could in his power to make sure his ailing wife found a new functioning kidney…

Meet The Winters

So who is this person who had to make sure his wife found a kidney donor? Well, meet Wayne and Deanne Winters. These two have been married for a whopping 26 years and have together under one roof happily in Farr West, Utah. Wayne is 74 years old now, placed his darling wife above everyone else. So when he discovered that his wife was sick, he was shattered…

Something To Be Done

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Since Wayne was the kind of man who did not like to see his wife suffer, it was extremely difficult for him to digest the news that she was not well. They had been together and happy with each other for so long now that he would not know how to go on without her. As soon as he was given the heartbreaking news, he knew he had to find something to help her.

Her Kidney Failure

The couple was living life, happy and always together with each other. They were still in love after over two decades of being a couple. Wayne always knew that Deanne was the one for him, that they were meant to be. So after she started showing signs of being sick, they went to the hospital. And it was unfortunate because Wayne’s wife Deanne was already battling stage 5 kidney failure.

Not Looking Good

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And to this poor man who wants nothing but the best for his wife, it was hard seeing her suffer and under pain. They were so used to living it up together that her kidney failure made it hard to stay optimistic. “She’s on dialysis and she doesn’t like it, it’s horrible,” Winters revealed in an interview he gave later, “This is the worst I’ve ever seen her. She don’t look good.”

Starting To Worry

Since the two were best friends, their love was unlike any other. Wayne knew that life would be meaningless without her by his side. He hated seeing her this way and so he began to grow more and more concerned for Deanne. For him, his wife’s well being was now the most important thing. He knew that he would have to do everything in his power to help her get better…

Change In Wayne

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Wayne was so affected by his wife’s condition and pretty soon he became obsessed with the need to find a kidney donor. If there was any donor that would be a perfect match for Deanne, it would make their lives better once again. Wayne looked far and wide for anything or any means to get his woman healthy again. And soon he came across an idea that eventually changed him.