Who are we? Do you ever ask this question to yourself? Because if you do then this story would sure answer this question to some extent. Isn’t just amazing and intriguing to think about how it all started. Going by the latest theory of Big Bang, it’s astonishing to see how thing turned out for the humans on this planet Earth. Coming back to the question, what are we? How did we come into existence? All around the globe people believe it was the homo sapiens who walked on this planet and what we are today is a result of the evolution that took place continuously for thousands of years. But, right here we have some answers that could solve some of the biggest mystery that revolved around human civilization. Archeologists discovered several cave paintings which they thought was carved out by our ancestors but were taken aback when they found out the original artist of these paintings. You’ll be shocked to see who actually made these paintings…

The Beginning…

Let’s start from the very question we asked you, who are we? For centuries, we have thought us the most intelligent and experienced species in this world without even thinking about the past. Today, we humans, have become so obsessed with the above fact that we just don’t want to think who else played the role in creating the world the way it is right now. But all these misconceptions soon were resolved after these amazing paintings were discovered. But who made them?

We Evolved

Human evolution was a long process and what we are today is the result you could say one of the last stages of the process. Who knows what lies ahead of us and what we become in the future, nobody could tell. We, humans, are the biggest mystery in this big universe and there is no stop to this mystery. We fall under a genus Homo which led to the rise of Homo sapiens, another branch of the hominid tree. But there were other species too which were evolving with time and made these amazing cave paintings.

A Link To Our Past

With one foot in the past and other in the present we talk about the future that looks bright to us because, for hundreds of years, scientists and historians have claimed that humans are the most unique species in the universe. We solely decided that there was no one, better than us. But the discovery made in Spain soon changed everybody’s views.

The Wonders Of Cave Art

Cave arts could be found all over the world. Until recently, everybody believed that humans were the creator of these amazing paintings. And if talking about the cave paintings then it would be the Chauvet Cave paintings in southern France that would be the first on the list. These paintings were first discovered in December 1994. The study published in 2016 places these paintings in two periods of habitation, one 37,000 to 33,500 years ago and the second period from 31,000 to 28,000 years ago. Amazing right? But which was discovered recently changed everything.

30,000 Years Ago

As we told you, the cave art in Chauvet is around 30,000 years old which made these scientists believe that just because during that time ancient humans walked on this planet, who left these evidence to prove their existence. Agreed, that they were here, but the assumption of they being alone isn’t correct. Because the archeologists discovered the most amazing work in Spain that proved that we weren’t alone on this planet.

Lascaux Cave

There is another site in France famously known as the Lascaux. It contains some amazing artwork believed to be created by early humans. It is said that these paintings are not a work of one generation but the combination of many that came after. The age of these paintings still scratches several heads. But it is believed that these paintings are 17,000 years old. The amazing part is that these amazing paintings tell us something. And what is that?