Who doesn’t love a cleaning hack? We all spend countless hours keeping our homes clean, hours that could be used for any number of other, more fun activities. The job seems endless and as soon as we reach the end of our cleaning duties, the first ones we completed are ready to be cleaned again, especially with kids in the house!

In this post, we have summed up the best cleaning hacks that will save you time and money. In this post, we have summed up the best cleaning hacks that will save you time and money. Many of the tips and tricks are using things that you most likely have at home already, saving you that trip to the store for cleaning supplies. Read on to discover how your life can be made easier today!

1. Dry Clothes Faster

Products Needed: A dry towel
What it Does: The towel will absorb the moisture
Cost: $19*

How many times have you needed a certain item of clothing and it’s been wet? You rush to throw it in the dryer but even that takes too long. The stress of running late can be so unbearable, but we’ve all been in that situation before, no matter how much we prepare ahead of time.There is an easy hack that will speed up the drying process which really makes so much sense once you hear it! Simply put a dry towel in with the wet clothes and the dry towel will soak up all that extra moisture! How much time this hack could have saved had we known it sooner!

2. Remove Stains with Black Tea

Products Needed: Black tea
What it Does: Cleans windows and mirrors
Cost: $1.99*

Windows and mirrors can be deceivingly tricky to clean properly. They end up looking dirtier than before with swipe marks and white swooshes which don’t seem to ever come off. It can be such a time-waster, as you need to go over it several times to see decent results.Sometimes the most natural and simple solutions are the best ones. After trying every window cleaner in the book, it turns out that black tea is the best option of them all. Soak a few tea bags for an hour or so and spray onto the windows and mirrors to clean. A little wipe with a clean towel to remove the teabags and your windows will be cleaner than ever.

3. Clean Cast Iron with Salt

Products Needed: Salt, one potato, and vegetable oil
What it Does: Cleans the pan without damage
Cost: $3*

Cleaning cast iron pans is a delicate balance between not wanting to scratch the surface and needing to get all the dirt and grime off. We use them so frequently in our kitchens that the amount of wear and tear they go through is quite remarkable. There is a foolproof method to cleaning cast iron pans that, while time-consuming, is extremely effective using things you already have lying around the house.You will need to pour some vegetable oil into the pan and then cover it with kosher salt. Cut a potato in half and rub the salt into the pan using the cut side of the potato. You won’t believe how the pan comes clean without causing any damage.

4. Use a Sock for Blinds

Products Needed: A pair of socks
What it Does: Clean blinds
Cost: $2*

Cleaning blinds is one of those tasks we leave and try to turn a blind eye towards until we can’t stand to look at them anymore. They are annoying to clean and collect so much dust being right at the windows that it is a very unpleasant task.The simplest way we’ve found to clean blinds is with a sock. Simply combine water and vinegar in equal parts and dip the sock lightly into the mixture. Put your hand in the sock and you can wipe each blind down using your hands, the mixture will clean all the dust right off. Using the second sock, give it another wipe to dry and your blinds will be clean as new!

5. Get Rid of Mattress Stains

Products Needed: Baking soda, liquid dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide
What it Does: Deep cleans off stains
Cost: $10*

There are enormous benefits to using a mattress protector over and above protecting the little ones from accidents. Over the years mattresses accumulate all kinds of stains from spills and wear and tear. If you find yourself with a stained mattress, fear not! Try this recipe and you will see all the stains come right out.Mix up the baking soda, liquid dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide into a spray can and spray over the stained areas. You can leave them to soak if the stains are more serious, and then give it a good rub with a towel. Over and above this, vacuuming the mattress will help to lift out any dust that has settled into the mattress too.