Some people are just born lucky. The rest of us, well, we just have to deal with the nonsense that follows us around each and every day of our lives. This guy here is wearing a t-shirt that reads,“This really sucks,”and you could argue that he is a prophet. The police are seen arresting him so we are guessing he knew he had this coming his way but it still sucked nonetheless.


One thing for sure is that these boys are definitely very confident to be expressing their love for pop superstar Justin Bieber. We are all aware that this is something that every guy struggles with. They are fearful that they might be labeled as feminine for liking JB. Well, leave it to these boys to go against all odds and profess their love for the Biebs and be an inspiration to some.


In case you haven’t heard of him, Deadmau5 is a popular electronic music DJ from Canada. He is well known for wearing a huge mouse helmet that coves his whole head. Well, as we can see here, he has met up with the famous Disney mouse Minnie Mouse. She seems to be very nervous and shy to meet the other mouse. We wonder what Mickey feels about all this.

The Shirt Matches The Scenario

Well, these guys have definitely watched one too many action movies. They should have known that speedboats do not fly through dense walls or plants. It is not meant for the wild and they should know better.  Life is not a Jackie Chan movie and this is not ‘Rush Hour’. His shirt was a sign that this should have been avoided all along.

Making Light Of It

Anorexia is one of the most common eating disorders that people die from all over the world. It is a state when the victims cannot see themselves getting thinner and thinner so they have a hard time eating anything. This guy here says he has beat anorexia but looks to be overweight. If he really did beat his anorexia, he must control himself because he is clearly eating way too much.

Are You Though?

Well, one thing for sure is that this guy is very confident. If he really is a chick magnet like his shirt says, we are happy for him, but looking at the girl beside him, we cannot seem to submit ourselves into believing him. She looks very confused, just like the rest of us. Another theory is that he aims to be a chick magnet and believes what he wears is what he is.