If you follow the tv series Game of Thrones then you must have seen three dragons flying above the Queen Daenerys in this fictional show. How did you feel when one of the dragons died in the seventh season? We felt both bad and excited about watching the fight between the dragons and what not. Some 11,700 years ago when the last ice age ended many of the prehistoric animals were also wiped out from the face of the earth. Pre-historic animals like mastodons, giant sloths, saber-toothed cats, and wolves once walked on this planet and there were for real as we even have their fossils to prove their existence. Sadly, we aren’t that lucky to see them alive but there are still some pre-historic creatures that are alive even today. Here is a list of those pre-historic creatures that you can visit in this lifetime. Some of them are so unique and amazing that would surely astonish you if you are lucky enough to see them in front of you.


We have all seen the crocodiles, caimans, and alligators either on Discovery Channel or National Geographic Channel, right? All of them are unique and ancient in nature but, there is one animal known as the gharial, sometimes called a gavial, that beats them all. Unlike other family members, gharials have long, sword-like mouths full of sharp teeth. Males have a unique bulbous nose which many may find amusing. What else do we know about this amazing species? Keep reading.

Gharials Are Really Old

Gharials have been living on this earth for quite a long time now. It is believed that they have been around for tens of millions of years, but what we see today, the modern gharials are the last in the line of species. Sadly, even this species is on the verge of extinction, with around 200 of the left which is found in parts of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The IUCN has listed it under “critically endangered” species. The Kukrail breeding center located in Kukrail Forest Reserve in Lucknow, India has been putting efforts to save the species by sending them out to all the zoos in the world for breeding. And the center in which they are kept are is also open to the public so you can get a closer look at these amazing species. Have you heard of Komodo Dragon? Probably not. Keep reading to know more about it.

Komodo Dragon

We all love dragons, right? But then we aren’t lucky enough to find the dragons we want to see the most. Movies like How to train your dragon made us fall in love with the dragons. But if you can settle with Komodo dragons then you are in luck because they are still alive. They are mostly found in Indonesia. But they came to Indonesia from somewhere else and luckily, scientists were able to find some fossils that date back to 4 million years ago. So, what were they able to find out?

The Komodo Fossils

Researchers found a series of fossils belonging to Komodo dragons that were 4 million years old in Australia. According to scientists, these huge creatures can weigh more than a human. Not only that they have been known to attack humans with their venomous tongue that can be very fatal. But if you are still going with the idea of seeing them in person then you can book your tickets for Komodo National Park which is made up of small Indonesian islands which give tourists a mesmerizing experience. What is your take on Shoebill Stork?

Shoebill Stork

No one has a clue about the relation between shoebill stork and other birds which are entirely from different families. But scientists agree on one fact, shoebill storks are really really old. Looking at its big gray colored beak and blue colored feathers this bird just looks exotic in all sense. But unfortunately, we haven’t done much for this species and today, they are categorized under “vulnerable to extinction.”

On The Verge

Shoebill storks fall under the category of “vulnerable to extinction” due to their habitat disruption and poaching. But if you want to watch these exotic birds then you can always go to Mabamba Bay Wetland in Uganda, where you can spot several shoebill storks as you paddle through beautiful lake and ponds which can for sure make you forget about time in that very moment.