Not Sure

Becky was not sure whether she really wished to meet her mother or not. She had her own set of questions and thoughts going on her mind. While a majority of the adopted children loved meeting their birth families, Becky felt that meeting them now would be an interference. Will it be? Becky always thought that if she now enters her mother’s life, she might invite a lot of trouble for that woman. There must have been some reason that her biological mother gave her for adoption and if she chooses to go back to her old and original ties, a lot of lives might be impacted.

My Baby

Robin Adair Passey, who was Becky’s biological mother was a mother just like any other. In her past certain circumstances compelled her to take some tough decisions in her life, and giving her daughter for adoption was one of those. However, since then, she has always lived with the high hopes of reuniting with her daughter. But will she?

The Website

Robin, even 43 years after that incident, decides to search for her very first child. It was the internet era and she somewhere had this hope that someday, maybe only for some time she will be able to meet her long-lost daughter. She signs up with a website that uses DNA information to locate for the kids that have been adopted. She kept her fingers crossed and just waited.

You Too

Robin too had her own family and her children. Robin told her youngest daughter about this meeting and asked her to come along. She wanted her youngest child to meet her eldest child. Everyone was prepared and excited for this reunion happening almost after 43 years.

Tears Of Joy

The day was finally there when two long lost individuals would reunite. As they saw each other, Robin couldn’t hold back her emotions. The little daughter that she left has turned into an adorable and independent adult. They shared a hug and even Becky could feel the warmth of her mother’s hug in her heart.